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Along Familiar Lines.
Neale's latest book looks at the human story of railways in the Bradford area.
It includes stories from the days of construction, operation, and the more modern era.
Included are features on the Aire Valley, Queensbury, Idle, and Yeadon lines.
The book can be obtained from Saltaire Bookshop, Haworth Station, Embsay Station, at £3.50.
Or direct from the publishers, City Gent, PO 56. Bradford BD13 3XR for £4 which includes postage.
Broken Rails : How Privatisation Wrecked Britain's Railways
Written by the boss, Christian Wolmar, based around the events of the Hatfield crash in October 2000.
Goes on to explain the chaotic mess that is & always has been Britain's railways.
Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Broken-Rails-Privitisation-Britains-Railways/
Eleven Minutes Late : A train journey to the soul of Britain.
Nothing to do with lost railways as such, but a polemic, in turns very funny and very depressing, on the state of today’s railways,
how we got there, and how things aren’t likely to improve in any foreseeable future.

Recommended by Malcolm Mallison. My copy £2.99 remaindered.
Available from  Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eleven-Minutes-Late-Journey-Britain
Great Northern Outpost Volume 1
The Bradford and Thornton Railway by Alan Whitaker & Jan Rapacz. Published by Willowherb Publishing ISBN 9 780993 567803
Includes 108 x almost full-page colour illustrations. Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
The Great Northern Railway In The West Riding
By Martin Bairstow. Over 150 photo's & maps.
See also The Queensbury Lines The Great Northern Railway In the West Riding - Part 2 below.

Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Great-Northern-Railway-West-Riding/
Great Provincial Stations: Leeds Termini
By Bob Pixton & John Hooper First published 1998 by Challenger Publications ISBN 1 899624 27 9
Re-published 2006 by Book Law ISBN 1 899624 27 9

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Keighley Bus Museum & its forerunners.
£12.95 A4 format paperback 118 pages. In stock at Reid's Bookshop, Cavendish Street, Keighley.
The last years of Yorkshire steam
By Peter Tuffrey
Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
L & NWR Society Journal
The L&NWR Society Journal Vol. 5 no 3 Dec 2006:  “Cleckheaton & The Leeds New Line”
8 1/2  page illustrated article by Jack Walne.
The Leeds New Line: The Heaton Lodge & Wortley Railway
By Roy Waring Published 1989 by Oakwood Press ISBN 0 85361 369 9 out of print.

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Lost Railways of south & west Yorkshire
Latest book from Gordon Suggitt. (See also Huddersfield Examiner article)
Starts off in the early days of the important & often neglected Leeds Middleton railway.
All the old favourites & loads of extra stuff I didn't know about.
Available from Countryside Books - http://www.countrysidebooks.co.uk/
The Lost Railways of Yorkshire's West Riding: The Central Section - Bradford, Hal;ifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield
By Neil Burgess. Published 2014 by Stenlake Publishing Ltd. ISBN 9781840336573.
Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Railways-Yorkshires-West-Riding/dp/1840336579

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Otley & Ilkley joint railway
Arthington-Apperley Junction-Shipley-Otley-Ilkley
1992 by F W Smith and Martin Bairstow ISBN 978-1-871944-06-8 out of print
May be a second hand one available from Amazon -  http://www.amazon.com/Otley-Ilkley-Joint-Railway/dp/1871944066/

Recommended by Malcolm Mallison
The Queensbury Lines The Great Northern Railway In the West Riding - Part 2
Written by & published July 2015 by Martin Bairstow ISBN 978 1 871944 44 0
See also The Great Northern Railway In The West Riding above.
Currently in stock at Haworth Railway Station.

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
The Queensbury Lines
By Alan Whitaker & Bob Cryer Published 1984 by Dalesman Books ISBN 0 85206 807 7 out of print.

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Railway Buildings of west Yorkshire 1812-1920
By George Sheeran. This book is right up my street, an archaeological approach to railways.
Doesn't concern us with all the boring convoluted financial development of companies, train workings & timetables.
It is out of print but I managed to acquire a copy using Fullerton's Booksearch - www.hotfroguk.co.uk/

Failing that try Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Railway-Buildings-West-Yorkshire-1812-1920/
Railway Character Lines
By Mike Collins Published by Athena Press.
Come meet the railway characters of old, the "originals, mavericks, eccentrics, defectives, or plain straightforward barmpots" introduced to us by the author who for many years worked as a British Rail Civil Engineer based in Yorkshire. The book is bursting with hilarious anecdotes, tales of mishaps and unforeseen incidents laced with the dour humour of the locals in their broad Yorkshire brogue.
Recommended by Richard Brown. Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003U2TRWC
Railway Developments around Leeds & Bradford since 1968
Author Dave Peel, Publisher Pen & Sword
Hardback, Full colour photos £30.       ISBN 978 1 47388 313 0 

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
A Railwayman’s Odyssey
By Stan Hall. Pages 71-86 of his autobiography cover the period between May 1951 and October 1953 when Stanley Hall was Station Master at Battyeford
on the .ex-LNWR “Leeds New Line”. Stanley Hall has also written several books about railway accidents.
Author: Stan Hall, Published 2012,ISBN 978 0 7110 3750 2

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Railway Memories No. 4 Bradford
By Alan Whitaker & Brian Myland Published 1993 by Bellcode Books ISBN 1 871233 03 8

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Railway Memories No 11 : Halifax & The Calder Valley
By Jack Wild & Stephen Chapman. Plenty of old Halifax photo's, including North Bridge & St Paul's.
Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Halifax-Calder-Valley-Railway-Memories/
Railway Memories No 13 : Huddersfield Dewsbury Batley
By Robert Anderson. I use this book loads, essential cross reference for the Lost Railways site.
Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Huddersfield-Dewsbury-Batley-Railway-Memories/
Railway Memories No 20 : West Riding Steam Pictorial
By Robert Anderson. Published by Bellcode Books ISBN 9781871233 20 9

Recommended by Malcolm Mallison. Available from  Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/West-Riding-Steam-Pictorial-Photographic/dp/1871233208
Railway Memories No. 22: Return to Leeds
By Robert Anderson & Peter Rose Published 2009 by Bellcode Books ISBN 978 1 871233 22 3

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
Railways through Airedale & Wharfedale
By Martin Bairstow Published 2004 by Martin Bairstow ISBN 1 871944 28 7

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust
The Reshaping of British Railways (The Beeching Report)
The Reshaping (?!) of British Railways, better known as the Beeching Report, or the Gospel According to the Antichrist. You too can have a remaindered hardback reprint. Suggested uses- firelighters, cat litter, darts practice. Read it and be appalled- if you think the reality was bad, praise the Lord that it was never fully implemented. No stations between Skipton and Carlisle, Harrogate to York closed, Ilkley line closed....    Recommended by Malcolm Mallison.

Available from Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reshaping-British-Railways-Railway-Board/dp/0007511965/
Settle to Carlisle: An Artist's Odyssey
A new book by artist Les Packham. The book consists of watercolours and written information about the views along the Settle to Carlisle railway line.
Available from Jeremy Mills Publishing Limited - http://www.jeremymillspublishing.co.uk/index.html
Skipton & Ilkley Line
The Skipton & Ilkley Line, F.W. Smith & Donald Binns. 1986- presumably out of print. Includes photos of the bridges along that stretch of line,
demolished with almost indecent haste after the last train ran. 
Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00131N1HY

Recommended by Malcolm Mallison.
Thomas The Privatised Tank Engine
Forwarded by Ian Hislop, written by Incledon Clark, Railway Development Society & Nick Clark. Published 21 Apr 1994  ISBN 1857800222.

Whilst not strictly about steam railways it is definitely worth a read.
Recommended by Richard Brown. Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thomas-Privatised-Tank-Engine-Hislop/dp/1857800222
Too Busy to Delegate: More Railway Characters (Railway Character Lines)
By Mike Collins Published by Athena Press
Retired Civil Engineer Mike Collins' second foray down the branch lines of memory have produced a host of humorous new faces and some recognisable 'barmpots' from his first volume. Notable among these are Bill the prankster, the helpful if hilarity-prone Wendy, and the megalithic figure of Mike's No. 2,
John Midgley.  Recommended by Richard Brown. Available from Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003U2TSGM
West Yorkshire Railway Stations from Aberford to Yeadon
By Peter Tuffrey Published 30/07/2011 by Amberley Publishing ISBN 9781445603070
We like this one & there is a massive big up to this website, thanks Peter.

Available from Amberley - http://www.amberleybooks.com
                             Amazon - http://www.Amazon .co.uk
West Yorkshire Railway Stations
By Norman Ellis Published 1989 by Bond Publications ISBN 1 872062 00 8

Recommended by Paul Holroyd Vintage Carriages Trust