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Leeds to Wetherby
1876 - 1966
North Eastern Railway
Contributors:  © Reproduction prohibited / Phill Davison / Hugh Griffith / Gary Fozzard / Mark Pennington
                          Malcolm Mallison / Ian Willis / Helen Bostock / Paul Needham / Chris Beaumont / David Webdale
The Route
From junction on Leeds Selby at Cross Gates to Wetherby east junction,
via Penda’s Way (opened 1939), Scholes, Thorner, Bardsey & Collingham Bridge.

10 1/4 miles.
Wetherby South junction to Wetherby west junction 849 yards.

Original Company
Opened by the North Eastern Railway.

1st May 1876.

Passengers - 6th  January 1964.
Freight - 27th  April 1964.
Railway Ramblers gazetteer
See also the Railway Ramblers gazetteer -  Leeds : NER Cross Gates - Wetherby east jn
Occupation bridge (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
This pic is a farmers occupation bridge located near Barwick, Leeds.
Bridge (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
Scholes station is at the other end of this bridge.
Bridge (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Approaching old Scholes station site looking north.

Scholes station
Opened 01-05-1876. Closed 06-01-1964.
Scholes station (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
Still standing & is a pub/restaurant called ‘The buffer’s’ these days.
Note: Paul Holroyd
From 1984 to July 1999 there used to be a railway carriage as part of 'The Buffers' restaurant,
see http://www.vintagecarriagestrust.org/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=2743
Scholes station (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Looking down from Scholes Lane onto old Scholes station site.
Penda’s fields (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
This is a soot blackened foot bridge at the back of penda’s fields, Leeds.
A64 to Thorner section (23-03-13) : Mark Pennington
The Cross Gates-Wetherby section is not wholly practical to walk, but following the footpaths from A64 to Thorner is rewarding.
A64 to Thorner section (23-03-13) : Mark Pennington
A64 to Thorner section (23-03-13) : Mark Pennington

Thorner station
Opened 01-05-1876. Closed 06-01-1964.
Thorner station (c1965) : Ian Willis
Long gone now.
Thorner station (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
The station entrance bridge to where Thorner station once stood.
House (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
I found this aptly named house on the site of the former Thorner station.
Occupation crossing (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
Occupation crossing approaching Thorner.
Thorner lane bridge (23-05-10) : Phill Davison

See the full set on Flickr -
Thorner lane bridge (23-05-10) : Phill Davison
Thorner lane bridge (23-05-10) : Phill Davison
Thorner lane bridge (23-05-10) : Phill Davison
Textured stonework more in keeping with a ruined Inca temple than the suburbs of Leeds.
Thorner lane bridge (23-05-10) : Phill Davison
This LNER telegraph pole railway relic can be dated back to at least 1948. The LNER was one of the relatively short lived 'Big four' railway companies to exist between 1923 and 1948. I'm not sure if this would have been a standard GPO telegraph pole, or did the LNER markings mean this was an internal railway form of communication/signals?
Footbridge (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
A footbridge looking down the old track bed near the A64 Leeds
Leeds/Barwick road bridge (20-09-06) : Phill Davison
The old rail bridge across the Leeds/Barwick road. The bridge is actually a split personality. It was built as a single span & then doubled later. You can see the two different types of stone. Also the road is Leeds road on one side & Barwick on the other.
Bridge (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Site of railway bridge over the Wharfe at Collingham.
Wood lane (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Blocked of near Wood lane, Scholes, looking north

Bardsey station
Opened ?. Closed 06-01-1964
Bardsey (19-11-13) : Paul Needham
Here are what i believe to be the only remains of Bardsey station on Wetherby line, its the entrance on the road that forks off from main road and comprises the normal crossing gates and slightly unusually the pedestrian in and out again one, cant recall seeing that this far from the line? at anywhere else, road is shown on the early maps but wont be visible from road till after the winter when the undergrowth subsides.
Note : Paul Needham
I recently cycled past the modern housing on the station site and noticed how the grass bank between the main road and the estate didn't flow down in a flat plane but had a pronounced step in it commensurate with a road access running from the crossing gates to the house lane, i rather think this is the old station approach road under the grass.
Bardsey (16-08-13) : David Webdale
Bridge at Bardsey. With grandson Naiel.
Bardsey (16-08-13) : David Webdale
View of the bridge underside. A brick skew arch with evidence of track widening.
Bardsey (16-08-13) : David Webdale
On top of bridge with grandson Naiel.
Bardsey (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Emabankment to farm track bridge east of the road at Bardsey.
Bardsey (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Track height at farm track crossing east of the road at Bardsey.
Bardsey (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Over a farm track east of the road at Bardsey 1.
Bardsey (06-07) : Hugh Griffith
Over a farm track east of the road at Bardsey 2.
Bardsey (20-04-17) : Chris Beaumont
Tunnel for the beck.
Bardsey (20-04-17) : Chris Beaumont
Old railway sign not sure what this was for?


Collingham (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
A short section of railway bed just south of the Wharfe is now a car park. Remains of structure of some sort.
Collingham (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Crossing River Wharfe. Stumps of columns in shallows.
Collingham (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
View across to far side of river.
Collingham (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Wetherby- bridge just south of crossing Linton Road, now in a private estate.
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Remains of bridge on north side of York Road
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
The railway between York Rd and the A1 is entirely lost under a housing estate (of course, in the Good Old Days the Great North Road ran up Wetherby High Street). There is a tunnel under the motorway, and the line beyond is now surfaced as a cycle path.
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
As far as I can make out from the 1954 1:25000 map (see link on Lost Railways to National Library of Scotland, sheet SE44)
there was a level crossing at the junction of Wetherby Rd and Wood Lane.
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Farm access bridge over cutting, grid ref 433473.
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Stone walling along foot of cutting.
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Farm access bridge over cutting, grid ref 435469.
Wetherby (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge over River Wharfe. Five arch viaduct on approach, span over river & central support.
Wetherby (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Embankment between River Wharfe and Wetherby- footpath below railway, now in middle of golf course.
Wetherby (13-07-16) : Malcolm Mallison
Footpath through golf course photographed from other side.
Wetherby (13-07-16) : Malcolm Mallison
Masonry on underside of arch, showing where track was widened at some point.
Wetherby (13-07-16) : Malcolm Mallison
Another archway through embankment, currently access to golf course from clubhouse.
Wetherby (13-07-16) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge carrying Linton Rd across railway (closer access not possible due to nettles).

Wetherby station (Second Site)  
See also Church Fenton Harrogate
Note : Mike Bale

The line also had a station at Wetherby which opened in August 1847 together with those from Church Fenton to Spofforth. The Wetherby station shown on the above map is the passenger station opened in 1902 at which time the original station became Wetherby Goods station. You’ll know that the lines around Wetherby were the first to close after the Beeching Report. Apart from 3 overbridges the Goods Transfer Shed at the original station is the only item of railway architecture remaining in the town. See below.
Wetherby Station site (29-06-14) : Denis Thomson
Wetherby Station site. Looking towards Harrogate - the cars are where the Station buildings were.
Wetherby Station (c1970s) : Gary Fozzard
Old pic of Wetherby Station. Think it was early 70s. Spofforth road bridge is in the background.
Wetherby Station (29-06-14) : Denis Thomson
Pedestrian footpath entrance from A661 Spofforth Hill (Harrogate Road).
Wetherby Station (29-06-14) : Denis Thomson
To Collingham under the Linton Road.

Leeds - Wetherby & Church Fenton - Harrogate Triangle junction    See also Church Fenton - Harrogate
Wetherby (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge carrying A661 Spofforth Hill, with close up of rust and bodge-it-and-run central support.
Wetherby (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge carrying bridlepath across western branch of triangle.
Wetherby (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge carrying bridlepath across eastern branch of triangle.
Junction (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Junction to Leeds (to left).
Junction (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Looking back at other end of junction. Leeds to right.
Junction (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge carrying Barleyfields Rd. http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw023534.
Junction (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge carrying bridleway, grid ref 399489.
Junction (21-07-14) : Malcolm Mallison
Trackside bunker.