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Divided into the five local authorities of Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale,
Kirklees and Wakefield and is then subdivided in the pre-grouping companies.


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IMPORTANT Bridges & viaducts on disused lines in  ENGLAND West Yorkshire

The Railway Ramblers' as you may gather from the title is a club that likes to explore disused railway lines. They organise walks throughout the country, for people of varying ages and abilities, usually on disused railways, although sometimes they explore old canals and, occasionally, even Roman roads. They are not, however, a high-powered hiking club concerned mainly with clocking up the miles but are more interested in finding what remains of our industrial heritage, in good company, and ideally with a pleasant pub stop for lunch and yes there is a very active Yorkshire Group.

Benefits of Membership

  • A quarterly magazine, Railway Ramblings, which contains walk reports, news and articles
  • Local walks and social events in many parts of the country where you can meet like-minded walkers and enthusiasts
  • Regional newsletters in areas where branches have been established
  • An opportunity to support our Footpath Fund, which has been used to finance the purchase of lines such as Whitehaven to Rowrah (Cumbria), Thame to Princes Risborough (Oxon/Bucks), and a link in Somerset which connects the Cheddar Valley Railway Path with the station at Yatton
  • An opportunity to demonstrate to local authorities and the government that there is a real demand for making the most of old railways and creating leisure facilities away from roads

If this sounds like the sort of thing that interests you, take a look at their site ... www.railwayramblers.org.uk where you will find details of how to join.

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