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Yeadon Branch (Guiseley to Yeadon)
1894 - 1964
Midland Railway
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The Route
From Rawdon junction, south of Guiseley to Yeadon (terminated).


Original Companies
The original company was the Guiseley Yeadon & Rawdon railway. The act for the new railway was passed on16th July 1885. The required capital could not be raised so a loan was obtained from the Midland Railway. In 1893 the partially completed line was bought out by the Midland.

26th February 1894.

Passengers & freight - 1964.
Railway Ramblers gazetteer
See also the Railway Ramblers gazetteer - Leeds : Yeadon branch
Yeadon Branch opening : D Downs, M Neale collection.
Yeadon  never saw a timetabled train, but did see some excursions.
Ilkley line junction : Malcolm Mallison
Picture shows embankment and culvert near site of junction with Ilkley line. I thought the current OS map showed a bridge taking the road over the railway, but closer inspection reveals that I may be mistaken. The Series 1 25000 map (link on lost railways) shows the railway line as continuous, with no break as if passing under bridge.
Bridge A65 : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge at A65 New Rd.
Whack House Lane bridge : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge at Whack House Lane
St. Johnís Rd bridge : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge at St. Johnís Rd.
Henshaw Lane (15-07-06) : Gary Jones  
Bridge remains over Henshaw Lane Yeadon, at the entrance to Yeadon station, the white building is the Station pub.
This branch line between Guiseley & Yeadon opened 26th Feb 1894. The line was only ever used for goods traffic & was closed in 1964.
Yeadon Branch glass plate : D Downs, M Neale collection.
Old photo from a cracked and scratched glass plate is very rare. It shows a MR Excursion from Yeadon to Heysham leaving Yeadon in 1924.

Yeadon station
Opened 26-02-1894. Closed 22-03-1964.

Yeadon Branch : D Downs, M Neale collection.

Very rare view of Yeadon.
Yeadon Branch : D Downs, M Neale collection.
Very rare view of Yeadon.