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Arthington to Otley
1865 - 1965
North Eastern Railway
Contributors:  © Reproduction prohibited / Malcolm Mallison / Paul Holroyd / Keith Rose / Adrian Smith / David Taylor / David Webdale
The Route
From Arthington to Otley, via Pool in Wharfdale.


Original Companies
The North Eastern Railway began operating between Arthington & Otley on Feburary 1st 1865.

1st  August 1865.

Passengers - Burley In Wharfdale to Arthington 20 March 1965.
Freight - Burley In Wharfdale to Arthington 5 July 1965.

Arthington station

Opened 1849. Closed 20-03-1965.

Arthington sign (23-07-08) : Paul Holroyd
 website - www.vintagecarriagestrust.org      See also Leeds Harrogate section
Until Arthington closed on 20th March 1965, it was the junction for Pool in Wharfedale and Otley, as well as the surviving line to Harrogate, Knaresborough and York.
This running in board from Arthington is displayed in the cafeteria of Bolton Abbey station, on the preserved Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway.
Arthington Station (01-1972) : Keith Rose
Arthington Station, Up Leeds Platform, NER pattern Water Column (arm altered for high sided tenders) and tank, January 1972.
The water supply was from Bramhope Tunnel, which also served some cottages.
Arthington gas works building (01-01-12) : Adrian Smith
Arthington gas works building, 1st January 2012, near Creskeld Hall. Situated within the triangular junction for Pool in Wharfedale & Otley. Arthington Gas Works opened in 1876 to supply Arthington and Pool stations.
Arthington Viaduct
Arthington Viaduct (17-10-09) : David Taylor
Not lost or closed but can't have a piece on this line without a photo of the 21 arch Arthington Viaduct over the Wharfe.
Arthington junction (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison          See also Otley Ilkley section
General view of Arthington Junction from footpath from Staircase Lane. Viaduct over River Wharfe visible to left.
Remaining station buildings (now a private residence) just below.
Tunnel (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Tunnel under railway, faced with white glazed brick, just visible through undergrowth.
Farm tunnel (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Farm tunnel under southern (Leeds) fork.
Embankment (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Sweep of southern embankment. Would have been quite impressive, had not been entirely obscured by trees.
Farm tunnel (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Farm tunnel under northern (Harrogate) fork.
Farm tunnel (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Farm tunnel at junction of northern fork and extant line.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
There is no access to the track between Arthington and Pool.
("Gerroff my land” sign). Parapet of bridge over Pool Bank survives, but bridge is filled in.

Pool in Wharfdale
Opened 1865. Closed 1965.

Pool in Wharfdale (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
The site of Pool station is now a housing estate, but the face of the cutting still overshadows gardens on the south side. Note dustbin for scale.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
The bridge over Old Pool Bank is still a bridge. Access to the (muddy) trackbed is possible.
Cutting (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Stone-faced side of cutting next to bridge.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge providing access to Caley Hall Farm can be accessed with only minor amount of trespass.
(there is a public footpath in the adjoining field).
Trackbed (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
The trackbed can now be walked all the way to the Otley bypass.
For those coming the other way, just step over the crash barrier on the roundabout.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Missing bridge, grid ref 223452.
Footpath (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Footpath passes under bridge at Stubbings Farm.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge at Russell Farm.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Bridge, grid ref 215450.
Trackbed (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
We shall draw a veil over the bypass.
The track can be picked up again from a footpath off the roundabout at its western end, where it survives as an official, gravelled path.
Farm access (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
Only one farm access bridge over this section of track survives.

Pool Bank Quarry narrow gauge railway

Pool Bank railway (09-05-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Remains of narrow gauge railway that ran quarry at top of Pool Bank to Pool station.
Closed in 1915, bridge removed for scrap in 1941.
Photos show remains of bridge abutments over A660 at top of Otley Chevin, next to toll house.
Pool Bank railway (09-05-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Remains of bridge abutments over A660 at top of Otley Chevin, next to toll house.
Pool Bank railway (09-05-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Putative line of track through woods. The rocks to the left have certainly been cut back to clear a path.

Otley Station
Opened 01-02-1865. Closed 22-03-1965.

Otley Station facing north (01-05-05) : David Webdale   See also Otley to Ilkley
Taken from a footbridge crossing the A660T, looking down Station road. The site of the old Otley goods yard. The stone sets may have been part of the old access road. Weighbridge on the left hand side of photo. The passenger station was out of picture to the right, nothing remains.
Otley Station Map1910 : Malcolm Mallison
Otley (1910, amended 1938).
Weighbridge (10-2011) : Malcolm Mallison
Oct 2011. 80 years old, unused in 45, weighbridge in Otley station yard.
(Perhaps should re photograph when not covered in dead leaves).
Otley church yard Bramhope tunnel monument (01-05-05) : David Webdale
Monument to the 23 people killed during the construction of the nearby Bramhope tunnel.  see Leeds to Harrogate
The monument was rebuilt using local stone back in 1913. Made to look like the north portal.
Bridge (12-12) : Malcolm Mallison
The bridge over the A6038 Bradford Rd survived closure by decades. I could kick myself now for not photographing it intact.
It seems to have been in two sections- over a stream and then the road. Abutment on south side of stream.