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1910 - 1968
Midland Railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited /Andrew Stopford / Simon Green / Philip Male / Nigel Haigh / David Webdale

The Newtown Goods Line route maps

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You are here: Map 2 Mirfield
Fieldhouse Bridge - Mirfield Junction


Map 2 Mirfield
Fieldhouse bridge -
Mirfield Junction

Midland Newtown to Mirfield line shown in green

Existing Huddersfield to
Leeds line & Calder Valley Mainline shown in black.

Deighton road facing North (01-06-03) : David Webdale
A rusty bridge remains carrying Deighton road. The other side of the bridge the route carries on down toward Leeds road.
Its illuminated by those street lamps, although I can't imagine anyone using it as a cycle path at night.
Leeds road facing West (07-06-03) : David Webdale
The only remaining bits of the bridge over Leeds road. The section between the pillars remains untouched.
The section to the right has been made level, originally it sloped upward.
L N W R Crossing facing south (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Remnants of the east side of the bridge crossing the existing Huddersfield - Dewsbury line. Note the remaining brickwork at ground level.

Bradley viaduct

Bradley viaduct facing West (07-06-03) : David Webdale
Taken from Dalton Bank road, looking across the valley towards Deighton. Sixty odd years after the lines closure.
The 15 arch viaduct still looks in good fettle. The embankment leading off toward Mirfield also well preserved.
Bradley viaduct facing west (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Same view another three years later, squinting into sunlight. Viaduct & this section of the line now reopened as cycle path.

Note : Nigel Haigh (28-08-14)
On a recent visit to the West Yorkshire Archives, I did find a couple of documents from the early 1880's relating to sales of land to the two railways in the
Heaton Lodge area. To: Midland Railway for the Viaduct over the River Colne at the Dam Head for 130.

See also London & North Western Railway section An area of 1 acre, 2 rods, 8 perches to facilitate widening the railway between Bradley Junction
Station and Heaton Lodge Junction, for 744 and 2 shillings. As I recall there was a map attached to the details.
Bradley viaduct facing east (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Been tidied up beneath the viaduct recently & is much  more accessible. This view looking across the canal.
Bradley viaduct facing north east (15-07-06) : David Webdale
View down the other side, from the canal towpath.
Bradley viaduct (26-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Seen from the John Ramsden Canal
Bradley viaduct facing south (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Detail of  stone springers & skew arch brickwork over the canal to the right.
Bradley viaduct facing west (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Looking across the canal, carved stone springers & skew arch, nice.
Bradley viaduct facing east (15-07-06) : David Webdale
A couple of arches crossing the river, see next photo.
Bradley viaduct under construction (c1902)  Photo Simon Green
These two photo's Kindly donated by Simon Green, showing Bradley viaduct under construction.
From a postcard, post dated 1902. Writing says "Midland Rly extension to Huddersfield Bradley Viaducts No5"
Bradley viaduct under construction (c1902)  Photo Simon Green
Writing says "Midland Rly extension to Huddersfield Bradley Viaducts No3"
Bradley viaduct facing east (15-07-06) : David Webdale
The view from on top, Dalton bank road in the distance.
Dalton Bank road facing east (07-06-03) : David Webdale
Dalton Bank road bridge, taken from down on the track bed facing towards Mirfield.
Dalton Bank road facing east (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Similar view three years later, note smoke deflectors.
Under Dalton Bank road facing West (07-06-03) : David Webdale
Taken from under Dalton Bank road facing back towards the viaduct, just visible in centre of photo.
Under Dalton Bank road facing West (15-07-06) : David Webdale
Same view three years later.
Bradley viaduct (26-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Looking at the viaduct towards Huddersfield

Bog Green lane facing East (07-06-03) : David Webdale
All filled in along here, only the bridge parapets remain. Mirfield to the left.
Paul lane facing North (07-06-03) : David Webdale
Same thing here, all filled in underneath & landscaped. Helm lane is at the far end , Mirfield is to the right.
Paul Lane (26-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Newtown branch underbridge - filled in.
Paul lane facing East (07-06-03) : Lost Railways -  Info Philip Male
The bricks in this photo were made at Cakemore Brick Works near Rowley Regis. If you travel South on the M5 Motorway, between junctions 2 and 3 you will pass the site of where the brickworks was. Shortly after jnc 2, the motorway dips down to pass under a railway and road bridge. It then passes under a footbridge. The brickworks was sited immediately left of that footbridge. A 1902 map of the area, which clearly shows the brickworks can be obtained from:- http://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/staffs7205.htm
Cycle path (26-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Part of the branch is now used as a cycleway/footpath (Calder Valley Trail I think)
Wood lane facing North (07-06-03) : David Webdale
A smart looking bridge in good condition. Stone with a brick arch. A couple more bridges, that look a bit like this one,
are just down & round the corner. They carry the existing Lines from Heaton lodge junction towards Mirfield.
Track bed near Heaton Lodge facing East (07-06-03) : David Webdale
A view down the track bed, looking towards Mirfield. Taken from near Heaton Lodge junction.
The existing lines from Heaton Lodge junction towards Mirfield are the other side of this earth mound on the left.
The mill in the distance is seen in close up next photo.
Class 40 Lyles Mill facing West (c1980) : David Webdale
A class 40 Freight whistles its way past Mirfield station. I don't know who the mill in the background belongs to now.
It looked a bit derelict last time I saw it.
Woodend road bridge facing facing West (07-06-03) : David Webdale
Taken from Wood end road. Blue engineering brick this one. I've seen a few different flavours of bridge on this route.
Mirfield junction facing West (07-06-03) : David Webdale
Boring, thought I'd better take a photo of where Mirfield junction was. Woodend road is to the left of picture.

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